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I found myself in a North Carolina pet charity, thrift shop recently. What a great way to help the animals and have a bit of fun yourself. Research pet based, charity thrift shops in your area before you head out shopping next time. And, if your lucky enough to score a great find or two at this low of a price, drop a little extra in their donation jar!

When I am not busy pet sitting or walking dogs in Odessa, Florida I have been known to meander through a Goodwill, Salvation Army, Hospice or Pet Charity Re-sale Shop. Shopping in second hand stores is a great way to stretch a pet sitter’s budget and help the planet by up-cycling. Upcycling is the process of converting old or discarded materials into something new, useful and often beautiful.

For instance these great cat food can covers can be used for cat food, dog food or your son’s leftover Beefaroni! Shopping second hand gets your creative juices flowing. It is quite stimulating to think of new uses for things. A cool, vintage glass toothbrush holder easily becomes a pencil caddy if you so desire! A pedestal soap holder can have a second life as a business card holder.

Another advantage to shopping second hand is you can find things that were made in America during a time when we had great pride in the objects we produced. You can shop a big box store for plastic goods or you can enjoy a bye-gone era browsing good, old fashioned “Made in America” items at a local thrift.

I would much rather serve my pet’s food and water in vintage Pyrex than some mass produced, plastic bowls that may or may not contain BPA. In a thrift store there are a multitude of ways to make better product choices at a better price. Try it some time soon and you just might find yourself feeling quite clever as well!

Drop me a line and let me know how you shop savvy for yourself and your pets in your local thrift store won’t you?


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