Hiring A Professional Pet Sitter VS Friends/Neighbors/Relatives: An Honest Look At The Difference


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Many times people are reluctant to hire a professional pet sitter because they think “Why would I pay someone to come in and take care of my pets when I can just have a friend or neighbor door it for free?”

It’s hard to argue with “free” and I can see where people are coming from with their thought process on this however there is so much more that goes in to pet care than just the cost that most pet parents don’t take in to consideration.

We are going to take an honest look at the difference between hiring a professional pet sitter and asking friends, neighbors or relatives to take care of your pets for you.

The Pros

The Professional Pet Sitter:

A professional pet sitter makes pet sitting their full time job which means it’s highly unlikely that they’re going to forget to come and take care of your pets for you

Professional pet sitters have more experience and are better prepared to handle emergency situations

Professional pet sitters can be a great resource to help your with advice regarding the care of your pets. From toys, to food, to behavioral training advice and veterinarian recommendations pet sitters have seen it all and can help you create a healthier and happier life for your pet

The Neighbor, Friend or Relative:

Often a less expensive option (if not free)

This is already a person that you know and trust

Neighbors are close by and can respond quickly in case of an emergency

The Cons

The Professional Pet Sitter:

More expensive

You have to trust a “stranger” to take care of your pets

Your pets have to go through an adjustment period of getting to know a new person, especially when you’re not there

The Neighbor, Friend or Relative:

Because it’s not in their daily routine to do so, relatives/friends/neighbors are more likely to forget to take care of your pet

Relatives/friends/neighbors are more likely to rush through visiting your pets to get back to their daily lives. The emphasis is more on making sure your pets get food, water and go potty rather than spending quality time with them

Relatives/friends/neighbors have less experience with animals than professional sitters and are less likely to notice health concerns or be able to handle emergencies

It may become a burden or irritating (to both you and the recipient) to constantly ask relatives/friends/neighbors to take care of your pets

Though it may be a bit scary to take the plunge into allowing a professional pet sitter to come in and take care of your fur babies, the pros outweigh the cons and in the end you and your pets will be glad that you opted to hire a professional that you can rely on time and time again for your pet care needs.

excerpted from Menlys Pet Care
May 19, 2014

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