Don’t Try This at Home!!!




“However, I don’t feel that guilty. I love my dog, but in the long run, it’s just a dog. He’s perfectly fine in the backyard — makes him appreciate the nice house that he gets to sleep in when I’m home all the more.

For my house, I set the alarm and tell a couple of nearby friends that I’ll be out of town. If I’m gone long enough, I’ll ask the same friend who’s feeding the dog in the backyard to grab the papers off the lawn on weekends (only get weekend delivery) and check the mail if it’s overflowing. Otherwise, I expect the monitored alarm to do its thing.”


The damage that can occur to the pets if the sitter does not show up or does not give proper care while the owners are away can be unimaginable. To adequately protect your home, your pets, and yourself from potential damage and financial harm, only fully insured pet sitters that carry adequate coverage—which includes general liability insurance with coverage included for pets and property in their care, custody and control and bonding or employee dishonesty coverage to cover all potential theft claims—should be hired.


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