“Are We There Yet?”


Plane Tickets $$$, hotel reservations $$$$, leaving Fido or Tiger in the comfort of their own home… priceless!

The season of suitcases and sunscreen is upon us and with it the “romanticized” vision of spending many an hour traveling, in one or another mode of cramped transportation, with our “nearest and dearest”.  YIKES!

Can you imagine adding your pets to this vacation scenario? What happens when your furry family members can’t travel with you? Fortunately, Familiar Friend Pet & Home Sitting offers reliable mid-day dog walking and extended pet sitting services to Odessa, Trinity, Lutz, New Port Richey, Land-o-Lakes & Tarpon Springs.

Whether long work hours or vacation travel takes you away from your beloved animals, Familiar Friend can help alleviate the separation anxiety both pets and owners experience. We can customize a pet sitting plan to make you and your pets more comfortable when you have to be apart. Offering “peace of mind” is what we pride ourselves on.

Professional pet sitting is an important segment of the pet industry, offering in-home care for pets while their owners are away. Pet Sitters also provide important home sitting services such as bringing in the mail and newspapers, watering plants, turning lights on and off, setting trash at the curb and helping the home maintain an active, lived-in look.

This is an invaluable service for travelers, vacationers, home-bound individuals and other pet owners with scheduling challenges due to career obligations. Pet sitting is both convenient for pet owners and more comfortable for pets. Familiar Friend has reinforced its dedication to staying current with trends in the pet industry and maintaining awareness of what pet owners want.


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(article written by Janet Felts & originally published in August 2007)