About Us

Welcome to the Internet home of Familiar Friend , Odessa, Florida’s, complete Pet and Home Sitting Service.

“Like-you’re-there Pet and Home care.”

Familiar Friend Pet and Home Sitting was founded and has been owned and operated by Janet Felts since 1994.

Please take the time to look around and learn about pet sitting and how a professional pet sitter can make your life — and your pet’s life — easier.


Many people have found in-home pet care is one of the best choices for both them and their pet. Instead of going to a kennel and being in a strange and unfamiliar location, your pet stays at home! Each day, a pet sitter comes to your home to feed and care for both your pets and your home.

In-home pet care is easier and more comfortable for your pets. They aren’t removed from their familiar surroundings and their exposure to other animals, people and potential diseases is minimized. In addition, your home is taken care of as well; lights can be turned on and off, mail and papers are brought in, plants are watered, and your trash taken to the curb. Your home looks lived in and is watched over.

A professional pet sitter can make life much easier for you and your pet or pets. When you go out of town you don’t have to impose upon a neighbor or friend to care for your pets. You get a professional, who’s job is to make sure your home and pets are looked after.

Familiar Friend’s pet care providers are licensed, bonded and insured. You have the services of the same provider each time you use our service. If you’re an established client, with our secure key program, all you have to do is call. No inconvenient trips to transport your pet to and from another location.

Best of all, when you return home, your healthy and happy pet will be there waiting to greet you!

If you need more information please call, text or email.